In 2020 our houses became our havens with a stay home message and the subsequent rise of working from home. This left many of us without our daily barista coffee fix and instead facing instant coffee which I believe lacks the flavour and quality we have come to love. But how can you create our own quality coffee from home?
As the lockdown continues into the New Year, now is a fantastic time to invest in your own at home coffee set up. However with many different options out there this can be overwhelming, so we are here to help guide you through the best options for creating your own barista quality coffee at home.

Pod Machines:

Pod Machines are a convenient and efficient option with a range of machines available under £100, making them great for beginners and those looking for a mess free solution to quality at-home coffee. As the coffee is pre sealed inside pods, they can sometimes lack the freshness of other options, but still provide an excellent at home experience.
Our Caffe-Equator coffee capsules are compatible with the most popular Nespresso models. Our coffee pods are made using aluminium to ensure the maximum freshness and that they are 100% recyclable.

Espresso Machines:

Using pre-ground coffee, these machines allow you to create fresh and cost effective coffee from home, and are a great option for mid-range budgets, with a small home machine starting from around £250 . Our Omni ground coffee, which can be used in these machines can also be used in cafeterias or filter machines when serving larger groups, making the Caffe Equator Omni ground coffee a great multi-use option.
Espresso machines also allow you to discover a wide range of coffee, with our Caffe-Equator blends using the best beans from around the world, roasted to develop the unique aromatics of the region and ground by our experts to create the perfect coffee for you.
Bean-to-cup machines

A great option for those seeking a true barista experience at home. Bean-to-cup machines are the high-end machine option which really deliver a quality coffee option from home. Using whole beans. These machines will grind beans for you to the perfect consistency and often feature a milk frother to allow you to experiment with latte art!

Our Caffe-Equator Specialty Coffee is perfect for Bean-to-cup machines or those with their own coffee grinders. Co-operatively or small garden grown, our specialty coffee provides better working opportunities for local people, and as a result each coffee is limited and seasonal – allowing you to discover a world of coffee from your home!

Our web shop is always open, so you can browse and order delicious freshly ground coffee or coffee beans at your convenience and we will deliver them direct to your door…