World Coffee Selection Gift Box


Anyone who loves coffee will enjoy Caffe Equator’s World Coffee gift box. Perfect gifts for any occasion.

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Anyone who loves coffee will enjoy Caffe Equator’ Worlds Coffee gift box. The perfect gift for any occasion
Combine three complementary World coffees of your choice in our World coffee hamper. This is the ideal gift for any coffee lover who has invested in Café quality coffee at home. Receive 3 different coffees for cupping delivered direct to your door.

Included in this gift box-

3 x Caffe Equator 250g bags of Omni Ground coffee or Whole Beans of your choice

As coffee is like selecting a fine wine and as we have a wide selection of coffee profiles to choose from, Caffe Equator would be happy to pack your preferred coffee combinations to fit individual requirements. Please contact us on 01692 406430 for more information and to confirm your perfect gift hamper coffee selection.